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Roof Benefits: Insulating the underside of a roof rather than a ceiling creates many other benefits as well. Historically, we ventilated roofs in an attempt to prevent moisture problems and reduce heat build-up. Current research shows that much of the moisture attics comes from damp basements or crawl spaces, as well as from loving space. Research also shows that if we address crawl space, basement, attic and living space moisture, we do not need to ventilate an attic. In fact, by ventilating an attic, we can often make a moisture problem worse.

Attic moisture problems are a result of moisture condensing on cold roof surfaces. Adding more vents causes the attic to be cooler, especially at night, which causes more condensation to form on the underside of the cold roof. Cutting a hole in the roof causes a bigger hole in the top of our "chimney," which make the "chimney" draw better. pulling even more moisture upward. I have not seen any attic moisture problems solved by adding attic ventilation.


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