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Should I insulate my Crawl Space?
Batt insulation is usually installed between the floor joists over a crawl space foundation. Problems associated with this insulation technique include incomplete thermal barriers from obstructions such as wiring and plumbing, ductwork and narrow or wide joist spacing. Batts are often compressed during installation due to the use of wire insulation hangers. Open web floor trusses crete additional problems in that the open webs create pathways for air to move around the batts. During the summer, warm humid air can flow around the batts an create condensation, mold and decay problems in the floor system. In my opinion, open web floor trusses are impossible to adequately insulate with batts.
Spray foam circumvents floor insulation problems through its ability to completely fill voids and open spaces. Areas around wiring and plumbing as well s open webs of floor trusses can be completely filled, resulting in a complete, essentially uniform thermal barrier on the floor. Spray foam will also create an effective air flow retarder layer on the floor, which will reduce the house air by crawl space air.


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